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African Braids & Natural Hair Styles
African Braids & Natural Hair Styles
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Frequently Asked Questions


Our obligation is to provide a quality and professional service; we want our clients to know about their Natural hair, braid styles, the Do’s and Don’ts of the braids and natural styles we provide.


How long will the braid last?


Individual braids and twist can last between two to three months. Sew-in-weaves last 4-6 weeks cornrows with added hair between 2-4 weeks.


Please note that if you leave your braids in beyond estimated time your hair might be locking. It might also cause loss of your hair on your hairline.


How often can I shampoo my braids?


We advise that you shampoo your braids once a month depending on how long you intend to wear your braids. However, we equally advise that you minimize the number of times that you shampoo your braids especially twist. This is a part of the after service follow-up service that we render at an affordable fee.


How do I take care of my braids?


You need to tie your hair down every night with a satin scarf. Spray your hair at least 1 to 2 times a week and ensure that your ends are not dry to avoid fizziness.


Can l use braids in transition from Perm to Natural hair?


Yes you can! Braids are a super technique that can transition from a relaxer/perm to natural hair. The truth is while you are braiding your hair it is advisable that the hair shaft is stable and it equally allows minimization of the regular grooming.          


Professionally we believe that the hair shaft is best stabilized in braids or twist during the transition of your hair.


Can I get a braid style to cover my Alopecia?

Yes you can use braid styles to cover your alopecia


What if I can't afford the hairstyle I want?



In addition, Afriroots Hair Salon is concern about our valuable clients and understands that most people do have a fixed budgets and that is why we set up a savings/payment plan for any hair style above $50.00 (fifty dollars) in order for everyone to be opportune to wear exotic and elegant braids and Natural Hair styles. For more information please give us a call!.


Is there someone I can talk to about my hair and hairstyles?


We offer a one on one free consultation. At this point we will be opportune to meet you, examine your hair, and decide on what style that best suits your facial structure, lifestyle and budget.

Braids are very comfortable to wear and also affordable at Afriroots Hair Salon.

For an appointment pls call 7576377269.


How many hours does it takes to do braids?

Micro, Pixies,                   ---------             7   - 8 hours

Box Braids                       ---------             6   - 8 hours

All twist with extensions    ---------             6   - 8 hours

French Braids                   ---------             40min   -11\2 hour

Silky Wrap                       ---------             4 - 8hours

Dread Extension (depends on length & fullness) ---- 4 - 9hours

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