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African Braids & Natural Hair Styles
African Braids & Natural Hair Styles
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*  Afriroots Hair Salon, Braids & Natural Hair styles is owned and operated by Ade-Bimpe a native of Nigerian, West Africa. Her experience in braids making spans over two decades. She started at an early stage  of her life, thanks to God who blessed her with a mother who believed in the artwork of hair braiding, inherited from her grandmother who was also known as a hair designer back in her days.  Those two generation of women were both beauty conscious in the African scene.  Her inherent skill in hair braiding from her maternal lineage has spurred her into inventing and being creative in the art of hair braiding.


*  Bimpe alongside pursued her academic career in Business Administration and Secretariat studies. Upon graduation she had worked in various organizations as a Customer Service Executive /  Secretary and her last job was as a business development manager. Her work experience over the years cannot be over emphasized to her professional skill. Her corporate world experience is one of the main key to her professional approach to her work in hair braiding.


*  She was at a point in her life living in London, England and use her divine hand to beautify women and men of all kind. At the time she owns and runs the popular beauty shop known as Defeb Beauty Link before she relocated to the United States.  Bimpe’s experience both Home and Abroad has made her to love what she does and believing that what is what doing is what doing well. It’s a pact for us to make you bright and beautiful as the Lord God ordained it.


*  Join Bimpe with a free ticket on a tour of the world of beauty, excellence and a fun experience that will stay evergreen with you forever.

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